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August 29th, 2017

There are seven principles for plant selection; light, type of plant, hardiness, height, soil, moisture, care and interest. These principles also serve as metaphors for my own personal journey. Most of my gardening  efforts can be summed up by the term, "trowel and error," and if this was not already a title for a gardening guidebook, I might have eventually come up with it myself!
One of the aspects about gardening I truly love is how forgiving it can be...just like our Creator Himself. There's always pruning to be done, weeds to pull, first fruits to enjoy and give away, mistakes to be made, lessons to be learned from them, new seeds to sow and of course, stories to tell. This website exists primarily to tell those stories. Though there are speciality products to sell and a few recipes to share, (and I am happy to do so!) the inspiration for seeds of thought began when my love for writing merged with a love for gardening. 
I dedicate the work of my hands~the gardening, the writing, the canning, pickling and preserving to my Savior, whose faithfulness to me over the years has exceeded all my expectations. 

    " let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them" and it was so... Genesis 1:11


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Nancy | Reply 11.01.2014 23.26

So true! The Lord is my light so why should I be afraid!

scott thomas | Reply 21.10.2012 21.33

Good job, Sandi. Love it...sow those seeds...

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10.02 | 20:11

Your writing is so inspirational!! I need to read all of this!! I just had to click on dear diary first!! I have seen those papers before!! HA HA!!

03.02 | 09:08

I really enjoy your site.

11.01 | 23:26

So true! The Lord is my light so why should I be afraid!

11.07 | 21:15

Good one!

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