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CT grown~all products made in a private home and not subject to state licensing and inspection.

In the beginning...

Every idea begins with a seed. The seed ideas for this website and more recently, cottage food business began in 2012.  I consider myself a small scale artisan who simply wants to use her passions and God-given creativity to join the thousands of food entrepreneurs today by making magic in her newly renovated home kitchen! Like seedlings and piglets, big things start small, from the ground up, literally, and that means we all have the potential to take an enjoyable hobby and turn it into something fun and rewarding that may also have the potential to bless others.

A growing movement of people are starting small food businesses from their homes. No capital needed, just good recipes, enthusiasm and commitment and maybe enough know-how to turn pantry ingredients into something more than just a dream. "Cottage food laws" have nothing to do with cottage cheese though, and everything to do with selling certain kinds of food products to the community.  To this end, Seeds of Thought endeavors to provide original and tasty Farmer's Market products. Produce used is harvested from my own garden and supplemented by local orchards and Connecticut farm stands when needed. Every effort is made to "give back to the community" by informally partnering with local farms for their culinary lavender, honey or fruit. A percentage of profits goes to World Poverty Solutions, a ministry of World Challenge, NY. 

Keeping things small and  home-based may not guarantee a recipe for success.A unique blend of  independence, an entrepreneurial passion, a willingness to adjust expectations as needed and a genuine love for preserving what I have grown myself will certainly guarantee my own personal growth, however, as I move from a 30 year career in elementary education to cottage farm operator, a CFO. Cool


" Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to to see the work begin..." Zechariah 4:10

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Kirk | Reply 28.04.2013 18.37

May the seeds of love be sown deeply in the soil of this endeavor. God bless your work, your vision and your anointing!

Nancy | Reply 21.10.2012 22.16

This is beautiful and very soothing!!

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10.02 | 20:11

Your writing is so inspirational!! I need to read all of this!! I just had to click on dear diary first!! I have seen those papers before!! HA HA!!

03.02 | 09:08

I really enjoy your site.

11.01 | 23:26

So true! The Lord is my light so why should I be afraid!

11.07 | 21:15

Good one!

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